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About Amrita

Amrita Raichand

Her miles long smile reflects in every recipe that she puts together. Mommies across the country swear by her delicacies to fill up their kids' tiffins and tummies with happiness.

Amrita Raichand is awaiting your magic in our Kitchen.

About Sanjeev

Sanjeev Kapoor

The most celebrated face of Indian cuisine, Padma Shri Sanjeev Kapoor has taken Indian flavours to all corners of the world. Known as the technique police, he has paved way for several culinary masters of the country.

Chef Kapoor welcomes you to the country's first-ever digital reality cook-off. Let the war of flavours and innovation begin.

About Saransh

Saransh Goila

Fun + Flavours equals to Saransh Goila. A Sanjeev Kapoor protégé, Saransh has taken his signature masterpiece "The Delectable Butter Chicken" to kitchens across the globe. An explorer of flavours and spices, Saransh is big on amalgamation of innovation and health in a platter.

He promises you amusement in the kitchen of India's Digital Chef.